A Selection Of Fresh Homework Ideas For Special Education

Special education requires a little more thinking than your average education plans. This is simply owing to the delay in terms of thinking, physical aspects and social aspects, their special education students experience. While selecting homework ideas for your special student, keep in mind that the student is definitely looking for the same fun and adventure as just any other student but probably with slightly more intensity. Here are some fresh ideas for homework to keep your students interested all year long while gaining knowledge:

  • Coloring Calendar
  • You can find fun coloring calendar ideas online. You can ask children to make use of drawing paper, rulers, pencils and colors to fill in their personalized calendars with their day to day routine.

  • Bubble Solution
  • Teach the kids how to make bubble solution and ask them to experiment with their own favorite bubble blowing tools as homework. Give them options of lids, containers, and strings that they can use to be creative on.

  • Diary Writing
  • Ask your students to simply write or draw about their daily learning from school and life in general. This will not only allow them the ability to express themselves better, but they will not feel burdened with the concept of homework.

  • Airplane Building
  • Kids love to be creative. Teach them how to make an airplane and ask them to come up with the best possible version from the luxury of their homes. Provide them with detailed steps and allow them to consult their family members for any assistance. Allow them to be as creative as they want with their personalized technology.

  • Book Club
  • Ask the students to create their own book club. Help them schedule meetings and different requirements of their book club. Offer them different reading options and don’t grade them for it. Offer them cookie points instead.

  • Musical Instrument
  • Ask the student to pick their favorite instrument and practice at home. Special children happen to be more moved by music and art.

  • Math Games
  • Use the internet to come up with fun math games in the sand and using flash cards. Indoor games such as Ludo and online game applications such as 2048 will allow the students to sharpen their math skills while having fun!

The aforementioned ideas will help you gain points with your students. The students are bound to love learning from their fun teacher.